There is a large number of Marlin firearms in circulation. The first guns were made by John M. Marlin, who founded his business in 1870. First he made pistols, but he expanded into rifles in 1875 with the introduction of the Ballard Single Shot Rifle.

John Marlin died in 1901 and the company changed names, and owners, several times until 1942, when all commercial arms production was halted by the government during WWII. Post-WWII Marlins date from 1946 to the present.

During its many years of operation the New Haven, Connecticut plant has turned out, in addition to its guns, baby buggies, decoy anchors, button hooks, letter openers, kids' wagons, handcuffs, and razor blades. These products all helped Marlin survive during the lean times.


From the first Marlin made, the Model 1881, to current production firearms, we have the finest semi-finished replacement stocks available for Marlin lever action and slide action rifles.

Please note that buttplates are not included with buttstocks. Buttplates, where available, are listed on the individual Model pages, and on the Other Products web page.