Model 62 and 62A Repeating Rifle

Introduced in 1932, basically your favorite 1890 modernized.

Stock styles changed from the crescent rifle stock featured on the 1890 to a shotgun-style butt on the 62. Winchester added an increased magazine capacity; a round, tapered 23" barrel; and changed the rifling, chambering, and feeding works to allow interchangeable 22 cartridges. This model was discontinued in 1958, with about 409,475 in circulation.

The 62A was introduced in January 1940, serial # 99,200, with changes made only to the inside of the receiver. The stocks are identical to the 62.

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Winchester 62/62A Rifle Buttstock

Straight Grip/Shotgun-Style Buttplate

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Winchester 62/62A Shotgun Style Buttplate

Black plastic reproduced buttplate, checkered with Winchester logo.

Winchester Buttplate Screws

A pair of blued screws of the proper size and configuration for Winchester rifle buttplates.