Customer Remarks


- Peter Fraser, Australia

"Received the 94 stock...It is excellent. Thank you. It is the best I have seen in terms of correctness of style, fit, finish and also has a very pleasing grain. You've won me."

- Mike Moore, Canada

"It was worth waiting for - the quality is superb."

- Charles K. Mabie, San Carlos, CA

"My 89-year-old dad brought an old Winchester 1894 for me to replace the buttstock. The replacement stock you sent him is excellent."

- Brian Lloyd, Historic Reproductions, Buffalo, MN

"I did not expect to find the authentic detail of having the ebony inlay in the forearm (Winchester 1885 low wall) or the precise fit in the tang area. The overall smooth finish was also unexpected. I'm sure your quality was the result of hard work...thanks for having high standards."

- Mike Morrison, Contex Guns, Conroe, TX

"Thanks - nice wood, great service!"

- Kevin Rammler

"It blew my mind how fast I received my new stock. You guys are great!"

- Mel Miller, Upland, CA

" (installing the stock and forearm) took just about the hour you mentioned. It looks great and the fit is about the same as the factory stock and forearm. I pulled my original Marlin 94 out of the safe and compared my new one, with your stock, to the old one. They look the same and I am really pleased! Thanks for your nice product."

- Eric Meitzner, Gunsmith, Solon Springs, WI

"I just wanted to write and say how pleased I was with the Winchester gunstocks that I ordered. It's so nice (and rare) to find satisfaction with such things these days. I hope to do business with you for a long time."

(Note: This letter was written in 1996 and we are proud to say that Mr. Meitzner has been a faithful customer of ours since that time! Thanks so much!

- Bill O'Connor, Denver, CO

"The crescent buttplate arrived several days ago. It is BEAUTIFUL! I am so pleased."

- Al Helgeson, Myrtle Creek, OR

"Have used a couple of your stocks in the past and have found them to be excellent. Wood (grain) is appropriate and inletting has been great."

- Peter Kagan, Cody, WY

"I received the stocks I ordered and am very pleased with them."

- Tom Cruickshank, Sterling Heights, MI

" two stocks just came back from the "furniture maker" and I wish you could see them. Wow!  Honest to goodness, they are really beautiful! Maybe the biggest surprise was that the standard model (wood) was almost pretty-darn-near as good-looking as the fancy grade. Thank you so much. They are gorgeous!"

- Joe Mielke, Sherwood, OR

"The form, fit and finish are much better than I expected and the quality of the wood is very good. This is the first order I have placed with your company. It won't be my last. Thank you for your great service."

- Paul Addleman, Garland, NE

"Best inletting and surface that I have used."