New Rifles, Knock-offs, Reproductions

Some manufacturers are currently producing replicas of original Winchester rifles. For the most part, our original Winchester stocks are not interchangeable with these newer replica rifles. Some of our stocks can be made to work, such as the 1876 Winchester on the 1876 Chaparral, but they do require more time, effort, and knowledge to obtain a satisfactory fit. We do NOT recommend purchasing one of our stocks for a current manufacture rifle unless you are experienced in stock fitting and are prepared to invest a goodly amount of time and, possibly, money.

Brownings are a similar situation; with additional work, some of our stocks will fit the Brownings, whereas others will not. Please do not be misled by salesmen who have only the sale in mind. The only way to own an authentic Winchester, built to Winchester specs, is to purchase The Real Thing - and pay the price for it! If you accept a less-expensive reproduction model, you may have to live with the wood it comes with.