Winchester Steel Buttplates

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Cast Steel Crescent Rifle Buttplate, as-cast

For the DIY guy, these cast buttplates are in the rough and ready for your drilling, polishing, and bluing or case coloring. You will need professional grade polishing wheels and drill press for finishing.

Fits models Late 1873, Late 1885, Late 1886, 1890, 1892, 1894, 1895, as well as our Late 94 Cowboy Shooter Retrofit Stock.

Minor fitting is required whether for use on an original or a reproduced stock. Requires two screws which are available elsewhere on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: this buttplate is for a rifle stock; it will not fit a carbine buttstock.

Buttplate Screws

Blued steel screws of the proper size and configuration for PGW's rifle, carbine, and shotgun-style buttplates, on all makes and models. PRICED PER PAIR.