Predecessor to the famous Winchester line of firearms, the Henry repeating rifle was first patented in 1860 by B. Tyler Henry.

Before production of the arms could begin, manufacturing facilities had to be built, so it was not until 1862 that these rifles were offered commercially. When the patent expired in 1868, factory staff overlooked its renewal and a special act of Congress enabled the company to extend the patent. Early Henry rifles, highly valued then as now, sold for $37.50 to $42.50 for the plain rifle. Interestingly, for a short time in 1863, no walnut was available in New Haven, Connecticut, so rosewood was used for stocks. (PGW, however, offers the finest Midwestern Black Walnut, as typically used in Winchester's New Haven factory.)

Two styles of buttstocks were fitted to Henrys depending on when they were manufactured (see specifics below). Henry rifles were not furnished with forearms, making them unique to Winchester's rifle line - and hot on the hand when shooting!

Serial numbers began with 1 and extended into the 12,000 series, when the 1866 was introduced. The Henry was numbered intermittently with the 1866, with the 1866 predominating, so serial numbers of the Henry likely extend into the 14,000 range. If you own one of these rare and valuable beauties, we congratulate you! Your investment in a PGW stock, small in comparison to the value of the rifle, will do justice to your investment, while maintaining the highly desirable historical accuracy and original Winchester quality sought by collectors and investors.

Please note: PGW stocks are manufactured to fit original manufacture Henry rifles only. The Uberti "Yellow Boy" will not accept a PGW stock. Additionally, we do not manufacture stocks for any firearms produced by Henry Repeating Arms Company.


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Early Henry

Serial numbers up to 350 (approximate)

Earliest Henry rifles were fitted with stocks which are slightly different from later stocks. Earlier stocks have more pronounced "belly" and the lower tang inletting differs from that of later models. The height of the comb is also greater on early models. Early and late stocks are not interchangeable, so please check your rifle's serial number before ordering.

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Late Henry

Serial numbers above 350 (approximate)

This is the correct stock for the majority of Henry rifles in existence. It differs in several respects from the earliest Henry stocks (please see above), and the two styles are not interchangeable. Please check your rifle's serial number before ordering.

PGW Classic Oil Finish

An authentic early original type oil finish.

Formulated to closely match the appearance of early original Winchester oil finishes. Very easily applied. Two ounce bottle will finish 6-8 sets of stocks.Note: Due to Postal and Customs Regulations, we are unable to ship this item internationally.

Deluxe Stock Finishing Kit

Stock Finishing Kits

Convenient in-a-box supplies for fitting and finishing stocks. Save money by ordering the kit!

We offer two stock finishing kits. The Standard Kit consists of inletting black, three grits of sandpaper, filler/sealer, PGW Classic Oil Finish, neutral colored gunstock wax, a green "Scotch-Brite" pad (replaces steel wool), polishing cloth, and brushes. Our Deluxe Kit adds a straight file, a half round file, and straight and curved hand gouges -- everything you need to properly fit and finish stocks at a savings over buying the products individually, in one handy box. The Standard Kit is $29.50; the Deluxe Kit is $49.50. Note: Due to Postal and Customs Regulations, we are unable to ship this item internationally, including shipments to Canada.