Model 1893

John Marlin's "Special Smokeless Steel" barreled rifle, designed to handle longer cartridges of the brand-new smokeless variety (as opposed to black powder).

Marlin did make a later Grade B model with a softer barrel specifically marketed and marked "For Black Powder". Model 1893 serial numbers are stamped into the bottom front end of the trigger plate; the highest reported s/n to date is 448,355. A total of 69,100 Model 1893 rifles and 4,086 carbines were produced from 1893-1906. After 1906 the "S" crescent, or sporting carbine, model was introduced.
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Marlin Model 1893 Pistol Grip/Crescent Style Buttstock

Note: the lower receiver tang is curved to accommodate the pistol grip of the stock; stock styles are not interchangeable between straight and pistol grip.

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Marlin Model 1893 Straight Grip/Crescent Style Buttstock

To avoid mistakes in ordering and potential delays, please note the differences in styles between rifle and carbine stocks.

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Marlin Model 1893 Carbine Buttstock

For forearm ordering, see options below.

To avoid mistakes in ordering and potential delays, please note the differences in styles between rifle and carbine stocks.

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Marlin 1893 Straight Grip "S" Crescent Buttstock

Also called the "sporting carbine", this stock has a gentle carbine-type curve, although it is narrower and the buttplate fits flush to the rear of the stock (does not come up over the top of the stock). This stock was fitted to both rifles and carbines manufactured after 1906.

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Marlin Model 1893 Forearm


Takedown forearms: Takedown forearms are the same as standard rifle forearms with the exception of a slightly enlarged magazine tube hole at the rear. This is to allow clearance for the sleeve of the takedown assembly. Standard and takedown rifle forearms are identical in all other respects, including length.

We manufacture only standard rifle forearms, however, a standard rifle forearm may be customer-modified to accept the sleeve of the takedown assembly by increasing the hole diameter using a Dremel-type of rotary tool, or even a very sharp, small knife blade. Very little increase in hole diameter is needed and is not visible once the forearm is installed.

Marlin Buttplate Screws

A pair of blued screws of the proper size and configuration for Marlin rifle buttplates.
Deluxe Stock Finishing Kit

Stock Finishing Kits

Convenient in-a-box supplies for fitting and finishing stocks. Save money by ordering the kit!

We offer two stock finishing kits. The Standard Kit consists of inletting black, three grits of sandpaper, filler/sealer, PGW Classic Oil Finish, neutral colored gunstock wax, a green "Scotch-Brite" pad (replaces steel wool), polishing cloth, and brushes. Our Deluxe Kit adds a straight file, a half round file, and straight and curved hand gouges -- everything you need to properly fit and finish stocks at a savings over buying the products individually, in one handy box. The Standard Kit is $29.50; the Deluxe Kit is $49.50. Note: Due to Postal and Customs Regulations, we are unable to ship this item internationally, including shipments to Canada.